The Golden Age of Silver | A 4-Part Video Series Covering 18th-19th Century Fine Silverware

Welcome to this week's Artisan Antiques' Blog - During these times of turbulence, we sincerely hope each and every individual has been well and very much wish all the best to everyone.

As a result of the current situation and quarantine, we understand many plans have been disrupted and inconveniences have been caused. As such, we hope we are able to provide somewhat of entertainment and education for those who may be stuck at home.

The following 4-part video series made by the BBC showcases some examples of fine antique silverware, along with its history, meaning and stories.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

We hope this series has provided you with some entertainment and educational value whilst also further delving into the fascinating and indulgent aspects of antique silverware.

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