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In the general public's eye, fine antique silverware may often be associated with high-end collectables and as a part of fine art & antiques with buyers and collectors solely having these magnificent pieces for their beauty and historic value.

Antique Silver Coffee and Tea PotWhile this is very much true and accounts for the majority of collectors, one factor that is often undermined and overlooked by newcomers who may not be sure if they wish to acquire their first piece is the intrinsic value of silver and the collection as an investment in itself.

To begin with, silver being a "precious metal" offers an intrinsic metal/commodity "melt" value. Though we would pain at the thought that an antique item with historic and aesthetic value would be melted solely for its metal value, it is equally important to acknowledge this fact and the potential reasons as to why silver antiques are known to have a fairly stable market and investment value.

Silver Melt

During periods of uncertainty, these objects could be melted in the worst-case scenario to provide quick value. Whilst we hope no occasions as such should ever occur, it can be reassuring for collectors to know that they have assets/commodities that hold physical and intrinsic value, unlike many digital products of this day and age.

Antique Silver Collection

In addition to its intrinsic value, the historic provenance of some special pieces may further add to the overall value of the collection. Whilst many material "assets" such as cars will usually depreciate over time, it is likely that with antiques, the value of the item will increase over time considering the item is well kept and in good condition.

As such, the reason above may be an additional factor to consider for starting collectors. Silver antiques can be seen withstanding the test of time as many collections are passed down generations and/or antique silver dealerships which are currently run by family members 3rd/4th generations down the line.

Antique Silver Griffin HandleWhilst fine art tends to be a more common investment with the market being more mainstream silver also provides some benefits that art may not necessarily be able to.

Being a metal, silver is far more robust and durable than paintings etc. As a result, maintaining silverware and storage is far easier for an average collector/investor unless one wishes to utilise professional care services. A quick polish in regular intervals with readily available silver polish will suffice and take care of your items to withstand the time.

Additionally, many items are practical and still useable. Though one may wish to not use the item to preserve its condition, some may wish to use items such as teapots, snuff boxes, spoons to compliment their lifestyle and interior decor.

Antique Solid Silver Hip FlaskThe reasons above are just a few of the basic and fundamental strong points of silver that one may wish to consider before purchasing silver/starting a collection. As always, we would recommend all our visitors and clients to carefully research and look into the item of interest whether be it for investment purposes or collection. At Artisan Antiques, we strive to provide the utmost best details through deep research, combined generations of knowledge and high quality images to best capture and convey the intricacies and attractions of each piece. 

In this blog we have only scraped the surface of the silver antique market, however, if you have any further questions, we will always be delighted to offer you further information and advice.

Thank you for reading this week's blog and we wish you a happy and life-long silver antique collecting!

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*The above is solely our views from experience and not professional financial investment advice*

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