Recent Acquisitions

In today's blog, I will have the pleasure to take you through our latest addition and collections of antiques.

All the items featured in today's post are available for purchase from our website.

#1: A set of 6 Georgian berry tea/dessert spoons - Unlike the usual berry spoons that feature a larger size, this set consists of smaller teaspoon-sized spoons with the additional embellishments you may find on the larger counterparts.

Antique Silver Enamel Snuff Box




#2: A magnificent table snuff box crafted from 900 high-grade German silver featuring a hand-painted enamel lid.

The box certainly draws attention to itself with the deep rich blue enamelled frame of the lid, the exquisitely curved sides of the box and the bright gilt interior.



Antique silver tea caddy





#3: A lovely solid silver tea caddy with repousse embellishments.

Featuring some repousse decorations around the side of the caddy - an ideal piece of silverware for your kitchen or dining space.


Antique Solid Silver Fruit Bowls with Griffin Handles





#4: Needless to say, a bold and ornate set of 3 fruit bowls - ideal for decoration and complimenting a preexisting antique table.

Featuring large gadrooned sides, repousse and chased griffin handles, this exceptional set undeniably speaks for itself.


Antique Silver Etui






#5: A French silver needle etui case.

Are you a fan of sewing? Or perhaps you keep losing those pesky little needles, only to find yourself buying more? Why not store them with an etui case instead - store them with safety and style!





Above are just a few of the select few items we offer at Artisan Antiques, if you have taken interest on any of the items above, you may wish to visit our store page or just click on any of the images to get redirected to the item.


Thank you for reading - happy antiques collecting!


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