Latest Summer Additions to Artisan Antiques

Hello and welcome to Artisan Antiques Blogs - In today's post, we will highlight some of the pieces we have had the pleasure to acquire recently. 

Antique Solid Silver Basket


1) A large solid silver Georgian Basket with bright cut motifs, 1790.
Featuring a delicate and elegant neo-classic design - a wonderful table centre-piece for summer fruits or cakes. 

Maker: Joseph Scammell
Assay: London
Year: 1790


    Silver Snuff Box




    2) A silver table snuff box with a raised decorative lid.

    Featuring a high relief scene of 5 figures on the lid with additional repousse decorations around the sides of the box. 

    Maker: Berthold Muller
    Assay: Chester Import 
    Year: 1908

    Antique Silver Tankard

    3) Solid silver lidded tankard with classical Victorian chasing.

    Featuring multiple embellishments of scrolls, acanthus and flowers on the exterior in addition to a fully gilt interior - an ideal piece for the summer season with alcoholic beverages.

    Assay: London
    Year: 1840

    Silver Gilt Snuff Box




    4) A silver gilt snuff box with Georgian engine turning and chased floral thumbpiece.

    Featuring a fully gilt exterior and interior - an extravagant piece ideal for accenting and highlight a silver collection.

    Maker: William Edwards
    Assay: London
    Year: 1817



    Solid Silver Basket




    5) Two Solid Silver Bon-Bon / Fruit Baskets.

    Left: A Victorian basket with die-stamped ribbon motifs. 

    Right: A geometrically tesselating die-stamped bowl with a two-point concave handle.




    The above are just some of the recent pieces added to our collection at Artisan Antiques featuring some items with the theme of summer in mind. Please click on the images to view all the products or alternatively (this link) for our full collection list.


    Thank you for reading this blog and we wish you all a wonderful summer!

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