Antiques, Fine Interiors & Practical Uses - Splendid Photos & Creativity From Our Dear Customer In The USA.

Every once in a while, an unexpected yet delightful surprise arrives at our office...

Recently, I have had the pleasure of receiving a letter; stamped & addressed in beautiful calligraphy, which upon opening presented three wonderful photographs and a handwritten letter from our dear customer in the USA.

Daniel, who has very generously permitted for this blog and testimonial to be shared, purchased this George III solid silver salver from us a while back and among our conversations mentioned that it would be treasured and live a "life filled with cocktail and espresso service".  

As ever, it is especially delightful to hear that these magnificent yet practical antiques will be going to a great home and collector who appreciates its beauty in addition to its functionality in the modern day with creative uses.


Needless to say, the gorgeous photos present an array of wonderful modern-day uses and some suggestions on how one may wish to pair fine antique silverware with interiors, other objects and occasions. 

In addition to his kind words in the letter, I hope that this blog serves as a helpful reference to all our new readers & customers who may have been unsure as to what silverware may look like in their homes or perhaps on how these items could be used. 

Mixing silver with other objects, whether from the same period or even modern designs, in our opinion, most certainly adds an air of opulence and contrasting tones to an interior.

It can be surprising how 'compatible' and effective such antiques can be in pairing with modern art, furniture and decor even today. 

Once again, I would like to dedicate this blog and thank Daniel for taking the time to send his wonderful photos and for allowing me to share this blog - thank you, and I hope the salver serves you very well in the times to come. 

Finally, to anyone who may have further questions, ideas or discussions - please do not hesitate to contact us at and we look forward to serving you. 

- Albert 



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