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We will be delighted to assist in finding your item.

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It is our great pleasure to be able to assist...

The world of art, antiques and fine interior is great for many of the numerous reasons, one of which is the endless and unique forms they exist in to meet our style and taste. However, on the other hand, this may sometimes result in an overload of information that leaves us feeling overwhelmed or not being able to find the exact piece you are looking for.

As such, at Artisan Antiques, we take great delight in meeting our clients' needs and requests by sourcing the item that you may be looking for. London being one of the largest epicentres for antiques and fine silverware, we are able to utilise our large network of connections and geographical advantage to ensure we find an item of your preference.

If you wish to use this service, please do not hesitate to contact us at: info@artisanantiques.net

We look forward to embarking on a search together to find your item of interest.

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