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I have made several purchases from Artisan Antiques. On each occasion the experience has been highly satisfying in all regards.

Communication is prompt, advice generously offered, and information freely forthcoming.

This coupled with the high quality, detailed, photography and descriptions, leads to a very enjoyable and risk free buying experience.

Artisan Antiques has provided my best online buying experience to date.

(From The UK)
Dear Albert, I wanted to say thank you for the lovely salver. As you can see... (Read More)
(From The USA)

Delighted with the ring which arrived so safely packed and in super quick time. Seller communication can only be described as excellent. I was most impressed with Artisan Antiques. Thank you. (From Australia)

Dear Artisan Antiques, Very Many Thanks for the silver gilt goblet I received by post today in record time. Expertly rapped and in lovely condition. I must also mention how very helpful and polite I found the person I was dealing with he gave me great confidence especially as it was my first purchase from the dealer and I live many hundreds a miles away and across the sea, it gives me great pleasure to recommend Artisan Antiques to anyone who wants very good service and be able to purchase excellent silver as well. Many Thanks, Ken S. 
(From The Isle of Man)
Thank you Albert - parcel received & item looks great.  A very impressive shopping experience- first time I’ve purchased anything like that on-line and your service really was excellent. (From The UK)

Great item. Fast delivery . Beautifully wrapped. Definitely would order again x (From The UK)

(From The USA)

About 6 months ago, I was looking for some spoons to add to my collection. I was lucky enough to come across Artisan Antiques, who were selling some fantastic Russian silver and gold gilted spoons. I had some questions on the items, and Albert, the proprietor of this shop, reached out to me with-in minutes, answered my questions, and pointed me to his direct site where we could work together.

I ended up purchasing the items, and was at first very concerned as this was my first time purchasing what I considered an expensive antique, from overseas. Needless to say, Albert was very responsive, had we had several lengthy conversations about the spoons, at the end of the day, I purchased the spoons. Now what was shocking, was the speed it arrived, I received the package 3 days later.

The items were well packed, and Albert even tossed in some swag, a nice bag, as well as candles, my wife has now come to expect these candles and gets upset if she can not find them in the packing. It is a nice touch, and we use the bags when we go antiquing hunting here in the states.

Over the last 6 months, I have had the chance to speak with Albert, on my request, as we had many questions one a few items we wished to acquire. The meeting was held on time, Albert was very well prepared, and able to answer any and all questions. While I had thought Albert was going to be an older Gentleman, my wife and I were surprised to find he was a young man, who was well polished, groomed, and articulate, as well as knowledgeable about his items. In areas where he could not answer the question, he was quick to respond, once he had the answers.

There was one item in particular that my wife and I were interested in, because it held a special meaning for us. While I will not say what that item is, what I will say it was a one of a kind item, that one will never be found again, and one that we are proud to say is in our temporary possession.

My wife and I had so many questions about this item, and we asked me so many questions, and expressed our concerns. Albert worked for months with us on this purchase, even so far as to contact Essayers office to ask some questions about the item. He never once faltered or questioned or got upset with our line of questioning, even at times when one could consider the questions rude. Albert even went so far as to hold the item and reserve it without knowing if we would purchase the item, yes he took a financial risk too help a client acquire an item that they wanted, but needed to consider. The amount of research and work he personal put into this was well above the call of duty, and is one of the reasons my wife and I simply have the greatest respect and admiration for Albert and his shop.

Now, while this item was being held, he also discussed other items we wished to acquire, and in a few cases steered us to items he felt were better for our collection. Never once did I feel pressured, or hurried, in fact many times I felt the exact opposite, in many cases he would ask me to wait, as he might have something I would be more interested in.

As far as his pricing, truth be told, many of his items you will not find anywhere, as such it comes down to what you feel the item is worth, and the items you do, will vary in prices. However, if one were to find 2 items, and the other proprietor was lower, I would still use Albert as the quality of service you are receiving makes up for the slightly lower price you may find else where. Also, lets be clear, Artisan Antiques have items that are at times one of a kind, and all his items he takes care to insure it would look perfect in your collection. what I will say, is I do feel his pricing is fair, and he will also admit that in some cases, his prices seem higher, but that is due to the level of care and work he takes to acquire the items.

Did I forget to mention free shipping? Not only is free shipping a perk, but he makes sure the item arrives as quickly as possible, most times I receive my items in under 4 days, and he is very fast to give you status updates and tracking information. Sending items to the us is not easy, and we did have one package that was held. Albert spent a ton of time to make sure he got the package released as fast as possible.

Are you worried that the item you receive is not perfect, or you simply do not like it? Albert will insure your happiness, if for some reason, you did not receive, or you are not happy with he item, he will refund your purchase.

I will also add, that when he describes a product, he actually is very honest and points to the picture where you can see it. In many times, he over states the issue, but he wants you to be perfectly happy with the item. I also want to be clear, he stands by his items, if you are not happy with an item, he will accept returns. now, I have never had to do this because each and every item was more perfect then the description, or photos.

At this point, I have purchased at least 10+ items from him, and so far every item is more fantastic then the pictures, whenever I feel the need to add to my collection, it will be hard for me to not purchase from Artisan Antiques. I suggest if you are on the fence with an item, that you send him an email. I find him very responsive, even considering the time difference between US and UK. I also know that my wife and I will have a long standing future with him, and we consider him more a friend then a proprietor.

I have purchased many fantastic items from him, and I suggest that if you see an item you like, acquire it, if you do not chances are I might.

Robert E. Winslow III

Excellent communication. Nice touch with extras sent. Accurate description. Really happy with goods. Highly recommended seller. A+++++ (From The UK)

One of the most professional sellers. An excellent buying experience. (From Israel)

Arrived swiftly and the quality is fantastic .Albert from artisan antiques was very helpful. (From The UK)

Thank you for my toothpick box gift Gourdel and vales lovely colour. (From The UK)