At Artisan Antiques, we are constantly expanding our horizons selling and trading antiques from across the globe. If you have an antique item which you would like to possibly sell, we provide an appraisal and purchasing service free of charge.


The following procedures will take place in order for you to sell an antique/collectable item:

  • Please take as many clear photos of your item (bottom, top, sides, insides, any marks) as well as a description of the item to the best of your knowledge and send them to
  • Please name the subject of the email as "Artisan Antique Appraisal".
  • We will respond at the earliest availability (usually within a few days) upon inspection and further research to fairly evaluate* and inform you about your item. 
  • If the item is within the scope of our collections, we will offer a negotiable price upon your wishes to sell your item. 


*Valuation and information provided by Artisan Antiques is by no means a definite/objective final evaluation - prices are subject to market demand.